The Amazon



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The Amazon forest—The Green Ocean—is not only the source of the highest biodiversity of life on Earth, but it also acts as a massive hydrological pump that is essential to maintaining climate stability for the whole planet.

In effect, the health of the river and the rainforest is fundamental to our survival.

But in the last thirty years vast tracts of the Amazon forest have been decimated. To date an area larger than France has been destroyed, and though industry has been good for the Brazilian economy, the cost has been unprecedented drought in Amazonia, increased--and more intense--hurricane activity in North America, and the imminent demise of the Bolivian glaciers.

In Amazon: The End of Infinity, representatives of the indigenous people of Amazonia, Western religious leaders, scientists, environmentalists and policy makers come together to examine the ecological reality in the Amazon basin, the global impact of deforestation and, importantly, to propose sustainable solutions to preserving the forest for the future.

The film examines the historical split between religion and science in regards to the environment; the ecological lessons to be learned from the indigenous people of Amazonia; the interdependence of ecosystems and sustainable livelihoods for all those who live in the region; and how compensation for ecological services must be factored into economic equations regarding the ecosystems on which we all depend.

Bonus Material includes Living Waters: Protecting our Seas and Rivers . This 18 minute film provides an overall view of the work of Religion, Science and the Environment in its quest to seek solutions to the environmental crisis.

The Amazon: The End of Infinity
Running Time: 42mins. DVD. Price: $9.95