The Black Sea



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"The ecological crisis facing humanity in our time cannot be overcome unless all human beings join forces in an attempt to find a solution to it. Neither science can respond to the challenge of the environmental crisis without religion nor can religion do that without science." -- Metropolitan John of Pergamon

More than 400 participants from around the world--including religious leaders from different faiths and prominent scientists--voyage around the Black Sea, its unique environment sadly degraded by the imprint of humankind, causing profound changes in the economy and life-style of the 160 million people in the area. They engage in intensive debate with local leaders, including presidents, environmental ministers and activists on the decline of the sea's ecosystem and the role of religion, science and politics in reversing it. Several initiatives result from these meetings, including significant new commitments from international financial institutions, greater regional cooperation among governments and non-governmental organizations, and environmental education and training programs across the region.

The Black Sea: A Voyage of Healing

Running Time: 55 mins. .DVD. Price $9.95

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