Sons of Africa

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Winner of Best Feature Documentary at The Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2014

Winner of the People's Choice Award at Borrego Springs Film Festival 2015

In 1978 two bitter enemies--Uganda’s Idi Amin and Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere --fought a brutal war that drove Amin and his family into exile. Now their two sons, Madaraka Nyerere and Jaffar Amin, set out to climb Africa’s iconic Mount Kilimanjaro on a journey of reconciliation. 

Each son must grapple with his father’s legacy as both had very different visions for Africa. Idi Amin, the dictator, is reviled and Nyerere, the socialist visionary, revered. While both love their fathers, Jaffar Amin seeks to defend ‘this misunderstood man’ who stood up to racism and colonialism, while Madaraka Nyerere urges him to put the past behind and concentrate on how they, as first sons, can help Africa today.

Moving, rich in spectacular detail, Sons of Africa speaks to the heart while reminding us that--despite our histories--we don’t need to be trapped by the past, and that with each generation, fresh hopes arise.

Their Peace Climb takes place on this mysterious and unforgiving mountain, as beset by bad weather and high altitude sickness they struggle toward Freedom peak at 19,341 feet. One out of three climbers will summit. Will they?

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Sons of Africa is distributed by Camerapix/A24 Media throughout Africa, and Journeyman Pictures in the rest of the world.