The Amazon: The End of Infinity - $9.95

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42 mins. DVD



Outsiders first viewed the Amazon Basin as a source of infinite wealth, then infinite space, and today infinite catastrophe. The Symposium sought to explore a fourth infinity, man's infinite capacity to change. The goal of this, the sixth symposium, was to first accurately assess reality in the Amazon and the global impact of deforestation, and then, more importantly, propose sustainable solutions to preserve the forest for the planet's future generations. The dilemma posed was how is it possible to both grow the economy and preserve the environment. The voyage's more than two hundred participants, including indigenous leaders and government officials, visited areas of destruction as well as sustainable communities. A high point was a ceremony by an indigenous leader and the Ecumenical Patriarch blessing the rivers. More Info

Bonus Material includes Living Waters: Protecting our Seas and Rivers. This 18 minute film provides an overall view of the work of Religion, Science and the Environment in its quest to seek solutions to the environmental crisis.